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Welcome to our Facebook

& Blog link.

We really hope you enjoy our Facebook page which is updated weekly or more often for Christmas collections. In December you can watch Santa's progress via Glympse and see just when we will be visiting you with Santa.  Facebook will also let you know what is coming up in terms of events and activities of the Club and its members. If you want to know just what is happening and perhaps see how you might be able to help us or consider membership then follow our progress. Whatever happens, enjoy......

Our blog will be updated to keep you up to speed about what is happening in our club. Members will blog on a range of subjects and we would be delighted to hear from you on what ever subjects grab your attention. (see our blog page on this site).


There is so much going on and we are keen to get every bit of information out to you soonest so that you don't miss a thing.


Please enjoy Rotary as much as we do. 

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