Santa's Coming


What fantastic support for Santa's visits to Sanderstead, Selsdon & Hamsey Green in December. You donated over £10,000 which will be used to support those in need both here and abroad.

Santa had over 150 'shout out's' in December - fantastic fun.

SANTA ROCKS........................

Santa begins his visits to Sanderstead & Selsdon on Monday 2nd December and will visit local areas every evening until 19th December. Santa's final visit will be to Elmfield Parade on Christmas Eve from 09:30 to lunch time then away to prepare for the big event..... We are so excited.

2nd December - Farm Fields to Lime Meadow Avenue

Farmfields, Woodfields, Windings, Sundown, Onslow, Blacksmiths, Sanderstead Court, Lime Meadow Avenue 

3rd December - Norfolk Avenue

Norfolk Avenue, Ridge Langley, Arundel Avenue

4th December - Ewhurst Avenue

Ewhurst Avenue, Morley Road, Elmfield Way, Trinity Close, Barnfield Road, Ellenbridge way, Kirkly Close, Southcote, Arkwright Road.

5th December - Courtlands Close

Courtlands Close, Arkwright Road, The Ridge Way, West hill, Sandhurst Way, Sandhurst Close, Essenden Road, Beechwood Road, Brambledown Road if time permits, Croham Mount.

6th December - Hamsey Green

Clyde Avenue, Princes Avenue, Princes Close, Wentworth Way, Eleesmere Drive, Attwood, Broadway, Claremont, Hilton Way, Harewood Gardens.

9th December - Byron Road to Croham Valley Road

Byron Road, Queenhill Road, Rylandes Road, Foxearth Road, Littleheath Road, Croham valley Road as far as the Ruffets, Ruffets Close.

10th December - Kersey Drive to Elm Park Gardens

Kersey Drive and Closes on the way down the hill, Benhurst Gardens, Some of Sundale avenue/Elmpark gardens

11th December - The Bird Sanctuary

Sandpiper, Nightingale, Bullfinch, Martin Close, Mallard, Kingfisher, Goldfinch, Kittiwake, Quail

12th December - Benchfield Road to Winchelsey Rise

Benchfield Road, Manor Way, Manor Gardens, regents Close, Croham Manor Road, Hurst Way, Lismore Road, Rockhampton Road, Croham Close, Hurst View Road, Winchelsey Rise

13th December - Huntingfield to Rawlins Close

Huntingfield, Palace Green, Falconwood Road, Crossways, Rawlins Close

17th December - Glebe Hyrst and Environs

Shaw Crescent, North Downs, Glebe Hyrst,  Westfield Avenue, Copthorne Rise, Hyde Road, Court Hill, Brian Avenue, Montague Avenue, Purley Downs Road, Britton Crescent.

18th December - Chapel View (5:30 outside the shops)

Chapel View, Croham Valley Road (From Chestnut Grove on), Chestnut Grove, The Ruffets, Crest Road, Ballards way

19th December - Sundale Avenue and Environs

Elmpark Gardens, Sundale Avenue, Ashen Vale, Wren Close, Thorold Close, Ambleside Gardens, York Road, Greville Avenue.

24th December - Elmfield Parade Shops (9:30-Lunch time)

Elmfield Parade