Meet our Members

We have a super time at lunch each Monday at Coombe Lodge.
Our membership is varied with folks employed in a wide range of occupations from gardeners to teachers, doctors, accountants, bank managers, therapists, consultants, personal trainer, insurance, engineering, scientist, florist, recruitment consultant, care professional, you name it we have it. 
Everyone is welcome, come along & meet us and see just what we do & who we are.

This is why just some of our members joined....

 I attended the Reachout event to help out a friend who was a Rotarian. I really enjoyed the welcome and camaraderie of the event and liked the impact we had on our guests. I wanted to do more like that and so shortly after became a member and haven't looked back since. For me, Rotary is a group of friends who club together to do really impressive things that none of us would be able to do on our own and we have a great time doing it.

At my secondary school the head master was a Rotarian who asked all sixth formers to join with Christmas collections. I went along and enjoyed the fellowship with Rotarians whom I had grown up with in the local community.  I worked with Rotary each year until I was asked to join Rotaract (a sort of junior Rotary Club) . It was great fun and after a few years in Rotaract I was invited to join Rotary. For me it is about the difference we can make as a group to the lives of those most in need. Community service is at the heart of everything we do locally and internationally. Go Rotary. 

I joined the local Rotary Club at the invitation of someone well known to me. The reputation of Rotary seemed to offer a positive role in life and activity I expected to enjoy. I was not wrong.

My reason for joining was simply that I met someone whose daughter was at school with my daughter, he involved me.

Following recent retirement, we wanted to meet and make new like minded friends (which we have now in abundance), where we could contribute our time to make a difference to our local community and support a worthwhile charity. The whole experience has been such fun to !

 I make no bones about it when I joined Rotary I thought it would be good for my business!   I found there were many more opportunities to give time rather than receive orders for my company. As time went on I really understood this is what I needed.


When I was young I could just pick up disabled or mentally challenged youngsters and take them home to my parents house for tea (this was what they wanted a normal family environment) Now thanks to progress & health & safety you stand no chance!  Thanks to Rotary I am now Midas trained DBS checked & many other things that are needed to do a little bit of social work. This is all done so that our club can do the functions in the community that we want to do legally. It also means when I or my wife want to pick up a disabled person or a child with problems to take to any function we can borrow a van (for a donation of course to the charity) & drive them to wherever & whatever they wanted to do. I am now in early retirement able to do the things I enjoyed as a teenager!    Well some of them!.


Thank you Rotary there is no way I would of worked my way through all the red tape required 


Happy Days

 I was attracted to joining the Club by the persuasion of a Member I met. It was after joining that I found two very good reasons for staying.  The first was the way the Club was dedicated to serving charitable causes, the second that it was also dedicated to being

sociable and friendly to all the members.  ”

 For me it was a combination of reasons. I had happy memories of my time in Rotaract before Medicine and rearing children made it too difficult. I was raised with experience of raising money for charity and helping in the Community as a pupil of Croydon High School. When I retired I found time, at last, to become a member and have found some lovely friends who share my interests in Fundraising while having loads of fun together.

I feel that Rotary reigns world wide giving its members opportunities to use their skills for service in their community.

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