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Every year we undertake a number of different events which appeal to everyone within our community. Everything from a Quiz Night, Craft Fair, Hobby Fair, the Rotary Sponsored Walk, Christmas Collections, to our Photographic & Young Chef Competitions for school students, our Reachout Day, Plant Deliveries, delivery of Food Parcels on Christmas morning to our day out to a National Trust property in September. 

We raise funds each year to enable us to support our local, national and international communities. We provide funding for good causes, sponsorship for young people, work with charitable organisations & provide shelter & support to those facing disasters around the world.


We support many charities around the world including Shelter Box, Water Aid, Child Aid Lanka who provide water wells in countries around the world, and many others.  These amazing charities provide support & make such a difference to those in need. 

This page provides details of  events which you can join and enjoy, so sign up, don't miss out.

The money which you help us to raise allows us to bring support and service to those

who need it most .


Where there is need there is Rotary.

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